How Would A Federal Gov't Shutdown Affect You?

The federal government is on the brink of a government shut down. But if the government would shut down, would you feel it? The answer is yes and no.

Fight At Middle School Caught On Tape

EL PASO - It's a situation no parent wants to see, but it's been caught on tape - a YouTube video of two middle school students fist-fighting in a bathroom.

Gun Found At El Paso International Airport

EL PASO - An airline passenger found a gun inside a bathroom at the El Paso International Airport on Tuesday.

Bronx Zoo's Famous Cobra Snake is Named

NEW YORK— The famous deadly cobra snake that captivated the world during a week long hiatus after it escaped its cage at the Bronx Zoo has been named.

Groundbreaking For Youth Services Center Next Week

EL PASO - There will be a groundbreaking ceremony next week for a center that will serve emotionally disturbed children.

Mountain Rescues Up By 4 in 2010

EL PASO - We now have numbers that show just how many more mountain rescues emergency crews performed in 2010.

Dona Ana County Crime Beat

DONA ANA COUNTY - From two people being turned over to Border Patrol to a school bus driver that allegedly slammed on the brakes on purpose, this is your Dona Ana County Crime Beat.

More Parking Downtown?

EL PASO- It's not easy to find parking in downtown El Paso. But a new city proposal might make your trip down Main Street a bit easier from now on.

El Paso Soldier's Remains Identified After 60 Years

EL PASO - More than 60 years ago, Army Corporal Edward Pedregon left El Paso to fight in the Korean War. He never came back.

Student: I Want To Be Able To Defend Myself

EL PASO - At UTEP a group of students are demanding the right to carry guns on campus.

Experts Comment on Legal Drug Abuse in El Paso

EL PASO – Since airing our story on robotripping last night, a number of people contacted us, to learn more about the issue. Our report on Tuesday, featured an El Paso teenager who used over-the-counter cough syrup, to get high.

Fundraiser For Earthquake Victims

EL PASO - Students at UTEP are helping victims of last month's devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Group Sues Over Census Numbers

TEXAS - One group says Hispanics have been grossly undercounted in the U.S. Census and they're suing the state of Texas over it.

Cost of Driving on the Rise; Locals React

EL PASO – A new study confirms what most of us already know: it's costing more to hit the road.

Border Fence Dispute Still Unsettled

EL PASO – There's an update on the border fence project we told you about in February.