Bowling Comes to Cowboy Stadium

With the NFL in the middle of a lockout, how about a few good strikes at Cowboys Stadium?

Disabled Man Cut Off from Checking Account Wants Help

EL PASO – Imagine living on a very fixed income, only to then get cut off from your checking account. That's what one El Paso man has had to deal with. He turned to Local 4 for help.

Disabled Man Cut Off From Checking Account Wants Help

EL PASO – Imagine living on a very fixed income, only to get cut off from your checking account. That's the situation one El Paso man finds himself in, tonight. He reached out to Local 4 for help.

Memorial For Fallen Soldiers

FORT BLISS - A memorial honoring soldiers who gave their lives in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, and Dawn, will be unveiled May 2.

Candy Banned in U.S.

EL PASO - With Easter just around the corner, many people will be celebrating with family, friends, and most likely chocolate, too. But Customs and Border Protection wants to remind people that those Kinder Chocolate Eggs are banned in the U.S.

Study: Sedentary Kids Have Narrowed Arteries

A new study says that kids who spend too much time watching TV or on the computer, have a higher risk of developing narrowed arteries in the back of their eyes. That's an early sign of high blood pressure and future heart disease.

UTEP Celebrates Last Day of Earth Week Today

EL PASO – UTEP is wrapping up its final day of Earth Week celebrations.

Donations Account Set Up for 8th Grade Train Crash Victim

SOCORRO- Donations are now being accepted in Justin Alcantar's memory.  He's the eighth grader from Socorro who was struck and killed by a train earlier this week.

Former Officer Zake Rivera Indicted

EL PASO - We have new information in the sexual assault charges against former El Paso police officer Zake Rivera.

Woman Wants Money Back from No-Show Repair Man

EL PASO – If you've ever paid money for a service you didn't receive, then you'll empathize with an El Paso woman who claims she's been wronged after shelling out hundreds of dollars. She reached out to Local 4 for help.

Police Investigate Late Night Stabbing

EL PASO - Police are investigating a stabbing in East El Paso that sent one man to the hospital.

Woman Wants Money Back From No-Show Repair Man

EL PASO – One woman has reached out to Local 4 for help. She said she paid a man to fix her roof, but he never showed up to do the job, and she wants her money back.

Nissan to Resume Taking US Orders for the Leaf

Nissan has announced that it will resume taking U.S. reservations for its Leaf electric car, on May 1st.

US Home Sales Up in March

There are hopeful signs for the housing market; according to the National Association of Realtors, U.S. home sales bounced back in March.

Defense Attorneys Speak Out on Jones-Sanchez Trial

EL PASO- Guilty on all counts. That's the verdict handed down by a jury today in the public corruption trial against former County Judge Luther Jones and former District Clerk Gilbert Sanchez..