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You decide: Couple sees Virgin Mary in firewood

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 9:59pm

Is it a blessing from above or just a couple going out on a limb? An Albuquerque couple says they found the image of the Virgin Mary in their firewood just when they needed it most.

Rebecca Archer and her husband were doing some tree trimming outside their Northeast Albuquerque home when they found what they say is an image of the Virgin Mary inside one of the tree limbs.

"I see a picture of Mother Mary. No mistake!" Archer said.

She believes the image is complete with a halo, veil and a well known image of the sacred heart.

The couple believes the image was hanging over their house for years without them even knowing.

"It almost became a split log for the fireplace," Archer said. "I am so grateful that it didn't."

Archer who's been looking for a job for the last seven months and recently lost her mother believe the appearance is no accident.

"I think it's because she knows, she needs to be here for us right now," she said when asked why the Blessed Mother would appear to the couple.

Archer plans to keep the log on the fireplace mantle next to her mother's urn. She said she knows other will be skeptical, but hopes the tree will inspire even non-believers.

"Keep your faith and always believe that some of our lives blessings come from the most unusual places," she said.

The couple plans to build a special box to protect the image. They do not plan to put the wood on display.


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