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YISD Board rejects international bridge proposal

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 12:58am

The Yselta Independent School District decided to oppose the construction of an international bridge along Yarbrough near Riverside High School.

It's been a controversial topic since the City proposed the bridge back in 2009.

YISD approved a resolution at a meeting tonight, opposing "any border crossing that brings heavy traffic through ysleta isd neighborhoods near a campus."

This is despite the City's International Bridges Department saying back in may they are not pursuing a new port of entry there after all.

Also discussed at tonight's meeting was YISD's cell phone policy on campus, which bans cell phone use in schools.

Parkland High School students say the current policy needs to change and the District should allow students to use their cell phones during lunch periods and breaks.

The Board did not vote on that issue tonight. 


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