A woman in TX says she was shot in her head over her cell phone

Monday, July 21, 2014 - 11:11am

A Texas woman is recovering after being shot in the head by a would be thief. She tells Drew Karedes she was taking out the trash, when a man with a gun demanded her cell phone, which she refused to give up.

Courtney, Shot for Cell Phone, "I put my hands down like that and that's when he shot, so I got down."

Crouched down and begging for her life, Courtney, "And when I looked down the barrel, I was like, OK, and that's when I was, like, no sir, please don't shoot me."

Courtney, who wants to remain anonymous, didn't want to be shot but she also didn't want to give up her cell phone either, "I was like, well, I'm not fixing to give you my phone and he's like, I'm gonna shoot you."

He did, Courtney, "It was like pop. It was like a pop."

A single bullet grazing the 29 year-old's head. Doctors had to staple the wound to stop the bleeding.

Courtney, "Why you had to shoot me? You know you could have punched me in my face, you could have done anything, you tried to kill me cause you shot me in my head."

But that wasn't the end of it, as Courtney stumbled into her friend's apartment the armed man tried to push his way in behind her.

Jennifer Pauley, Friend, "And that's when we both pushed very hard, as hard as we could, and locked these locks, just like that as fast as we could."

Jennifer Pauley's 6 year-old granddaughter was also in the apartment and there was no way she was letting the guy in, "And that's when she reached up and felt her head, then just grabbed it and didn't let go until the ambulance got here."

Courtney, "I almost lost life my life behind a $700 phone. I don't get it."

She has no regrets, "I told myself I wasn't gonna give it to him, I wasn't."

Neighbors say there have been several armed robberies in their apartment complex and are demanding more security.


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