Woman says her Attack was a Hate Crime

Thursday, May 12, 2011 - 7:04pm

"The hits and punches that I received, nobody deserves," Granados said.

Maria Granados says she was standing outside of a gay night club minutes before she was attacked.

Maria asked a couple to get off of her car when she was trying to take the security club off of her steering wheel when the group started yelling homophobic slurs at her.

"They took the crowbar away from me and we ended up against that fence over there and I fell down against the fence and all I remember is getting kicked, punched, hit with a crowbar," Granados said.

She says the group of men then shattered her car window and flattened two of her tires.

She says she called the police, but no one came.

"I ended up just getting in my car and driving my car with broken windows with the air coming out of my tires and by the grace of God I made it home," Granados said.

Once she was at home with her family they called the police again to file a police report and she told officers this was a hate crime, but on the incident report they checked no.

Maria says she's coming out with her story because the hate crimes have gone too far.

"A man is in the hospital right now in a coma, that's why I'm here speaking out because there's too many incidents and they're saying it's not a hate crime. What other reason would they come and beat somebody up just to be in front of the O.P.," Granados said.

Now, she's asking for anyone who knows anything about these crimes to report it to police.

"You have sisters you have a mother you have family, what if this happened to you? Please help," Granados said.


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