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What does Prop 6 mean for El Paso?

MGN Online
Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 11:22pm

Texans voted in support of Proposition 6, which will create a fund to help pay for water projects.
Prop 6 will take $2 billion from Texas' Rainy Day Fund to start two new funds: the State Water Implementation Fund of Texas or SWIFT and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund of Texas or SWIRFT.
The money first goes to SWIFT then the money made will go to SWIRFT.
The project ideas will come from the 2012 State Water Plan.

The money will be managed by the Texas Water Development Board, which was developed in 1957 to manage resources after the 1950's drought. Proponents said  Prop 6 was necessary because Texas' reservoirs are 60%t full.

State Representative (D) Joe Moody said Texans won't see changes overnight; this is a 50 year plan.
"The point of this and why it was so important was if we don't do it today were going to start to fall behind as our population continues to grow and grow and grow and grow. This state is one of the fasted growing in the nation And if we don't take care if the infrastructure like water, we're going to be in a very bad place," said Moody.

According to the 2012 State Water Plan, the population in Far West Texas is expected to grow by 79% in the next 60 years.  Our greatest needs will be irrigation and municipal water.

As far as future projects in the water plan, there are 562 in Texas, 27 of which are in our area.
The estimated costs for the projects in our area are $842 million.



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