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Welfare Drug Testing

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 8:05pm

Texas- Earlier this week we told you about two welfare programs that were the target of drug testing for it's recipients.

Governor Rick Perry wants to make drug testing mandatory in order for the recipients of these programs to walk out the door with cash or debit card funds.

True to our viewers nature, you posted overwhelmingly on our Facebook page in support of this reform. The two programs in the cross-hairs are the T.A.N.F. or Temporary Cash Assistance for Needy Families and U.I., Unemployment Insurance. El Pasoans we spoke with on the street had very different opinions than those found on our social media channels.

The Legal Director for Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project, Jed Untereker says, "Funding for TANF and Unemployment benefits should be based on need, not morality. It will punish children and families, and end up costing society a lot more money in its unintended consequences. If the goal is to deter drug use, there are more effective and humane ways to attack the problem."

This reform will ensure that the benefits will be used by individuals with the intent to secure work and those ready for immediate employment by remaining drug free. Reforms like this have not worked well in other states.


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