Will You Bid?

DALLAS— A die-hard Green Bay Packers fan is auctioning himself on eBay in hopes that someone will take him with them to the Super Bowl.

Amazing Video: Basketball Player Shoots Basketball 80ft Away--And Makes It

MARBURY, AL— In an astounding video from Tuesday, a high school basketball team was down by three points, and just seconds before the buzzer sounds, a player shoots the ball and makes it.

Hacked Electronic Road Sign in Virginia Warns Motorists of Zombies

HAMPTON, VIRGINIA— People generally hack websites, but now, it seems a portable electronic road sign was hacked, warning people to beware of zombies.

Carrier Pigeon Found Trying To Fly Into Colombia Prison With Drugs Strapped To Its Back

BUCARAMANGA, COLOMBIA— Carrier pigeons are now being used for a whole 'nother drug, and police say its a new high in criminal creativity.

Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together: 60 Owls Descend on Hungary Town

TURKEVE, HUNGARY— In a strange occurrence in Hungary that seems fit for a Harry Potter scene, owls are flocking to a small town in Hungary and experts have no idea why.

Only At Wal-Mart: Teenagers Open Fire At Florida Supermarket Parking Lot

KISSIMMEE, FLA— A strange scene was captured on camera at a Florida Wal-Mart on Sunday after two teenagers shot at a teen in the parking lot.

New Astrological Sign Added, Other Signs Are Jumbled

MINNEAPOLIS, MN— What was once 12 are now 13. In astrological signs, that is.

More Fish, Bird Deaths, This Time World Wide

FOLLY BEACH, S.C.— More reports of dead fish on Friday, after thousands of dead fish washed ashore in South Carolina.

Two-Headed Calf Born in Republic of Georgia

TBILISI, GEORGIA— In just another rare instance, a two-headed calf was born in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

Northern Lights Could Be Seen In Florida as Poles Shift

FLORIDA— It may soon be that compasses are no longer accurate, the North Star could be the South star, and Santa just may be lost. Don't blame anyone just yet— the “North Pole” is merely changing.

Only in Las Vegas: Vending Machine Sells Bricks of Gold

LAS VEGAS, NV— The concept “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" could change very soon. In fact, you could get it to go.  

New York Woman Holds Fake Movie Auditions, Kidnaps Baby

TORONTO, CANADA— A New York woman kidnapped a baby after renting out a studio and holding fake movie auditions.

Ohio Homeless Man Gets Second Chance At Life

CLEVELAND, OH— A former radio announcer who grew addicted to drugs and alcohol is getting a second chance at life.

Days After Arkansas, Louisiana Reports Hundreds of Birds Falling Dead From Sky

Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA— First Arkansas had thousands of dead birds and fish over the New Year's weekend, and now Louisiana has the same epidemic.

Thousands of Birds Fall Dead From Sky in Arkansas

Update 4:47: ARKANSAS— 125 miles away from Beebe, Arkansas, nearly 100,000 fish were found dead along the Arkansas River near Ozark.