Voting Problems

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 8:18pm

Chaparral , New Mexico- Americans awoke this morning to a changed political landscape. Republicans rule the House, Democrats are the majority in the Senate and Barack Obama is back in the White House.

Many local voters went to sleep last night disheartened because of problems they experienced casting their vote. Long, slow moving lines, no translators available, ineffective equipment and or procedures. Those were some of the complaints in Chaparral New Mexico when locals turned out to vote on election day.

Ben Rodriguez and Ariel Bickel are part of a nonpartisan group that went to communities to register voters. On election, day Bickel and Rodriguez were called to this voting location because they heard there were problems.

Otero County Clerk Robyn Holmes says no complaints were filed. In an email -- she told us the county's poll workers are trained to treat each voter with respect and to respect the voter's privacy. Holmes stated that id's are required for voters who register to vote by mail and have not previously presented an id. She went on to say that long lines and wait times were experienced all over Otero County, likely due to a high voter turnout and a lengthy ballot. She added that New Mexico law requires all ballots in the state be printed in both Spanish and English.


Reader Comments

The problems were that more people arrived than usual to vote in the Otero county of Chaparral. I myself who suffers arthrites, scolosis and copd, and standing 3 1/2 hours to vote. I was not the only one having problems, there we many seniors also waiting over 3 hrs. Thank you for showing this in the news. Early voting in Dona Ana county and allow Otero county to do would help some or us who are seniors. We are Chaparral divided by 2 counties. Hope there is a solution to this problem.

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