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Vinton to cancel November election, swear in 3 new council members

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 7:49pm

After almost 2 years without a budget, the Village of Vinton doesn't seem to be any closer to passing one.

At a meeting Tuesday night, council members were unable to come to an agreement on a proposed budget for this year.

Council members Juvencia Ontiveros, Maria Medina, and Maria Garcia argued with colleagues to cut city employee salaries anywhere from 20% to 50%.

The three insisted salaries for Village employees are too high.

Mayor Praino argued the salaries are fair considering the heavy workload saying, "How would you like your salary to be cut 50 percent? And, keep you at the same load of work that you're doing right now? Nobody would do it."

Come November, Mayor Praino told Local4News, Ontiveros, Medina, and Garcia are not running for re-election.

Three residents, Manny Leos, Santos Lucero, and Dolores Diaz have filed for those positions and since they aren't facing opposition, Mayor Praino said they will automatically take the open seats, and the Village of Vinton will cancel its elections.

Mayor Praino hopes the new council members will be more open to compromise and make passing a budget a priority.

"The three new members of the council have the best interest of Vinton in their hearts, they have expressed their feelings, because they've been coming to the meetings, they've been to some extent vocal."

The Village council must approve a budget and tax rate by September 30th. If not, Mayor Praino said she hopes they will pass one when the three new council members come on board.

According to Mayor Praino, the three new council members will be sworn in after November 15th.


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