Video apparently shows two school buses collide in New York

CNN NEWS/News 12
Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 5:22pm

A collision between two school buses in New York, on Tuesday, is caught on camera. The video appears to show one of the buses barreling through a stop sign, Jessica Borg reports.

Today, broken headlights still line part of Molloy Street here in Copaigue, where two buses collided.

It was a terrifying crash for Sheyla Hernandez and her mom, who operate a day care center out of their home and whose surveillance cameras caught the whole thing on tape, "My mom was going crazy, yelling."

This over turned mini-bus had a young girl on board. Neighbor Miguel Lopez, pulled her to safety, "I see the back door and I struggle to open it. I open it up and I jumped in and I see the little kid, 7, 8, 9 years old."

The little girl seemed to be in shock and a had a big gash on her forehead, Miguel Lopez, "She was bleeding and everything and I just carried her and put her outside."

In the video, it looks like the driver of the large bus, heading West, blew the stop sign at the intersection of Molloy and Mazzini streets.

It slams into a smaller bus heading South, flipping it over.

Witnesses say the driver of that mini-bus was furious

Sheyla Hernandez, "One of them went to yell at the other driver. She was nervous. She was all over the place."

Both buses are operated by the same company, Educational Transportation.

Today, in a statement to News 12, the company says the driver of the big school bus is quote, "Out of service, pending the investigation. He has been tested and the influence of drugs or alcohol has been ruled out."

These stop lines were freshly painted, but neighbors say they're still worried the stop sign is  hard to see, because it's partly blocked by branches.

Rosa Merte, "It's very dangerous for the kids."


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