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Veteran fights for benefits

Friday, April 26, 2013 - 7:13pm

Disabled veteran, Robert Frownfelter is fighting for his benefits.  His paperwork was lost in a fire years ago.  So rather than getting the right benefits called Service Connected Disability, he was given a pension for 11 years.
Veterans Affairs said they're stopping payments because he also receives a Social Security check.  Now Frownfelter said he can't pay his bills.

These days it's slow tough going for Frownfelter.

"I got a Frownfelter black cloud that follows me," he said.

He gets by on his Veterans Benefits and Social security.
or at least he used to.

"I'm just sick of being sick and tired and sick," Frownfelter said. "Then this happens. It doesn't make sense".

The V.A. social worker told him there's no hope unless he's on the streets.

"The lady flat told me to call the rescue mission,".

Robert's under nurses care, he's blind in one eye, can't drive, gets around on a scooter and uses an oxygen tank most of the time..

"I got a lot of medical problems," said Frownfelter.

He's barely able to pay for rent and medicine now with both his pension and Social Security.

Two little dogs are all that's left of Frownfelter's family. A motorcycle accident put him in a coma for three months.  He lost his thumb and the right side of his body was crushed.  It's the news that came afterward that was devistating.

"About a week after I came out of the coma, here comes the Red Cross telling me, 'well we hate to tell you this but your son and grandkids were in Katrina. I said what the hell is Katrina? It happened while I was in a coma. They were all killed so," Frownfelter said.

With no family and no where to turn, Frownfelter's running out of options.

He's asked for assistance from Congressman Beto O'Rourke. Their office asks that veterans with issues with the V.A. contact them for help.

His office is at:
303 N. Oregon St.
Suite 210
El Paso, TX 79901
hours: Mon-Thur 8:30am-5:30pm MST
Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm MST
phone: 915-541-1400



Reader Comments

As Veteran myself and receiving S/S and disability benefits I know for a fact that after 10 years are automatically locked in and you cannot loose your benefits, even if you don't have paperwork because the VVA has copies of all the paperwork when he applied for his compensation and S/S. After all he served his country when called with Honors. I know for a fact that there people with-in the VA that didn't do the same, they act as though the money is coming out their pockets. Good luck Brother.

As a disabled veteran myself, and receiving S/S and VA Benefits, if you receive benefits 10 years you are automatically locked in and cannot loose even if you have no paper work, the VVA has copies of all
the paperwork when he applied for compensation. After all he was there when he was called to Serve his Country with Honors. I know for fact there are some with-in the VVA that did not serve any military time at all. They act as if the money is coming out of their pockets. Good luck again.

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