UTEP program prepares high school students for career in law

Sunday, May 4, 2014 - 9:43pm

Dozens of high school students from across Texas spent their weekend in the courtroom for the UTEP Law School Preparation Institute's Moot Court Tournament.

In the competition, students had to argue a pending U.S. Supreme Court case.  The case they argued this weekend was actually presented in the Supreme Court last week.

Local judges and attorneys helped judge the contest.  Lisa J. Soto, Clinical Associate Professor, said a moot trial is different than a mock trial.

"Moot court deals with appellate court arguments, so it's about exposing students to oral argumentation, to the law from a different perspective, and hopefully getting the word out there that these kids are very capable to do this and possibly consider a career in law," she said.

The program is geared toward high school and college students.

To learn more about the program, go to academics.utep.edu/law/‎.


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