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U.S. Border Patrol Agent Killed in Line-of-duty ATV Accident

Saturday, July 7, 2012 - 11:27pm

FORT HANCOCK, Texas -- A Border Patrol agent died after an ATV accident near the Fort Hancock port of entry Friday evening.

Leopoldo Cavazos Jr, 29, was on duty when the accident occurred along the border fence about a half mile from the port of entry.

"I saw the border patrol running to the fence with their lights on," said Maria Holt who live yards away from where the incident occurred.

Holt said it's common to see agents chasing after people who cross the fence, but never thought what she saw last night was a tragic accident that claimed the life of an agent.

"It's bad to see that something like that," Holt said. "it's really bad."

Holt said she and her husband often see agents on their property patrolling the area on A-T-V's.

They said they didn't know Cavazos Jr. personally, but had seen him around town.

"They check everything and everywhere," Holt said. They're always here around my house and take care of us, so it's bad that happened."

Border Patrol continues their investigation and cannot confirm if Cavazos Jr. was in pursuit of anybody at the time of the accident.


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