Update: Student will press charges against NMSU basketball player

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 5:55pm

Local 4 News has learned Miguel Rascon, the 19 year-old allegedly attacked by NMSU basketball player Tyrone Watson, plans to press charges for the attack.

L4N spoke with the man's family Wednesday who says a deputy from the Las Cruces Police Department will get a statement from Rascon Thursday.

Witness: "I saw him do it and everyone else saw him do it"

According to the family, Rascon is out of the hospital recovering from a broken nose, other facial bruises, and a cut on his face that required 10 stitches.

As L4N has reported, Tyrone Watson is listed as the only suspect in a police report describing the fight at a party January 25 in Las Cruces.

The report states Miguel Rascon was allegedly choked, causing him to black out.

at the party tell L4N Watson was the attacker.

The man's family says Rascon has filed a complaint with NMSU Student Affiars.
The Dean of Students was not able to confirm a complaint due to privacy issues, but did tell L4N any complaint against any student will be assesed by the student code of conduct.



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