TxDOT shows students the importance of buckling up

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 8:28pm

Every year, new teen drivers get behind the wheel and they're involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers. On Tuesday, TxDOT is reminding teens about the importance of buckling up.

TxDOT took their Teen Click It or Ticket Campaign to Coronado High School.

They showed students a car that had been involved in a wreck. Two teens were in the truck and seat belts saved their lives.

TxDOT also showed students a simulation of a rollover. A dummy not wearing a seat belt was thrown from the truck.

Seniors Callie and Madeline said it's good to see this at their school.

"Just seeing that it shows how important it is that you're going on the freeway or going more than 30 miles per hour and you can die just not wearing your seatbelt," said Madeline Halperin.

"I am a driver and I always make sure to buckle my seat belt,” said Callie Pople. “My car doesn't even have the beeping but I know. My parents have taught me and I've seen from experience how just in newspaper articles and everything that life can be easily taken by a second of your time. You could have just put on your seat belt."

TxDOT is partnering with more than 750 schools across the state in its Teen Click It or Ticket Campaign.

And important for everyone to remember, if an officer catches you without a seat belt, it's a $250 fine.


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