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Train derailment leads to interstate shutdown

Friday, October 18, 2013 - 11:27pm

I-10 West at Piedras has been completely shut down after a train derailed under the Cotton Street Overpass.

A look via Texas Dept. of Transportation cameras shows traffic backing up near I-10 and Copia in the westbound lanes. Drivers are being diverted off the highway at the Piedras St. exit.

The derailment happened around 8 p.m. Friday, and NewsChannel 9 spotted at least 6 cars derailed. One of the pillars is broken in half, another severely cracked.

Police dispatchers tell NewsChannel 9 there were no injuries, but due to the extent of the damage to the interstate, they will continue to divert traffic until TXDOT workers can make repairs.

Firefighters from the El Paso Fire Dept. arrived at the  scene, after Union Pacific officials suspected some of the train cars might contain hazardous materials. However, no teams are investigating yet with HAZMAT gear on, and no evacuations have been called.

Photo: KTSM

There is no estimated time of completion for the repairs. Drivers are encouraged to take an alternate route. We are told the closure may last as long as tomorrow.

To view a photo gallery of the derailment, click HERE


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