Toddler still in critical condition after being ejected in rollover

Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 5:58pm

More information has been released about what caused a rollover that ejected a two year old boy Friday afternoon.

Police said Allen Thompson, 24, was driving his Chevrolet Blazer north on Martin Luther King in Northeast El Paso around 1:30 p.m. Friday when he swerved to go around an object in the road.

The SUV then hit a tree stump which caused the vehicle to roll over several times.

Michael Aguilar, 2, was ejected and was taken to University Medical Center for serious injuries.

Kristen Aguilar, 24, and Thompson were also taken to University Medical Center but are expected to recover.

Police do not believe speed or alcohol are factors in this crash.

All three victims are from Chaparral, NM.


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It's very sad that this occurred. TxDot should make sure the roads are free of foreign objects. If they can't afford to hire workers to clean up the roads and do regular inspections on the roads then they should allow community service to be done by people who are on probation to assure the roads are clear of foreign objects at all times. I think that TxDot should assume some of the responsibilty for this accident that caused serious injuries and find a resolution.

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