Tips on How to Save Gas

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 6:51pm

EL PASO - Many El Pasoans say the the spike in gas prices has hurt their pockets. But a spokeswoman from AAA says folks can do a few things to get the most mileage out of each tank.

Marcus Syndnor said the ever-climbing gas prices have forced him to cut down on driving.

“A lot of driving less, walk[ing] more. I walk to the gas station now,” said the El Paso resident.

But a spokeswoman with AAA said there are ways to avoid more pain at the pump.

“If you can, just by checking the pressure of the tires, that helps out a lot,” said Julissa Morales.

Morales said another thing people often forget to do, is to turn off their engine if they're not moving their car.

“...not have the vehicle just running if you're just parked, why not just turn it off? Not only are you going to help the environment, but it's also going to help you save gas,” added Morales.

The spokeswoman also said people should remember to travel light.

“Try not to pack too much things on the trunk of the car, because that's in turn, going to create more weight, and of course, that's going to use more energy...use more fuel as well,” said Morales.

According to the website,, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was at $3.46 this afternoon-- that's seven cents below the national average.


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