Thousands ask MountainStar Sports Group to change 'Chihuahuas' team name

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 8:16pm

Has El Paso gone to the dogs? Thousands of El Pasoans think so -- lashing out against the name for the Triple-A baseball team.

24-hours after the name was revealed, social media has erupted. Some calling the Chihuahuas name offensive.
In just one day we went from menacing red eyes -- to a snarling Chihuahua."I think it's nice, actually,” Adrian Favila of West El Paso. Whether you like the new name for the triple a baseball team, "My first impression is they're trying to mix the two states and I think that's good."

Or not, "You don't think the El Paso Chihuahuas is a good name? No,” Dolores Licerio of Northeast El Paso told us. The topic has definitely sparked a verbal fire. "Chihuahuas is like a little dog. Considering, like since this is supposed to be kind of like a big team, I think the name should represent the team."

The big reveal led many people to lash out on More than 7,000 people have signed a petition -- demanding that MountainStar Sports Group change the name. Stating - it ‘misrepresents El Paso.’

"There's obviously some people that haven't grabbed onto it yet. We understand that,” Brad Taylor, the Manager of the El Paso Chihuahuas told us. MountainStar sports group acknowledges the backlash but they're saying it's better than nothing. "Because, you know what would have been the worst thing today, is to wake up and there was silence."

The petition also claims the Chihuahuas is ‘stereotypically offensive.’ "We're a family product, our goal would never be in a million years to offend anyone,” Taylor told us. We asked him if the outcry will change their minds.

"Let's not forget how many people like this." People like the ones who visited the new merchandise store

In the short time that we were there, dozens of people purchased Chihuahuas attire.

Including a recent Chihuahua convert."Yeah, I wasn't too pleased with the name at first but now it has started to grow on me now that just seeing the store, yeah.” Gabriel Moreno, who works in downtown told us.

The Chihuahuas name was a top 5 finalist among other names open to El Pasaons to vote on. We asked MountainStar Sports Group how many votes Chihuahuas received. They said, they're not releasing that information.
They did, however, confirm that two people have asked for refunds for their season tickets since the reveal.


Reader Comments

We have mountain lions on the Franklin Mountains believe it or not. EL PASO MOUNTAIN LIONS would have been a much better name.
Chihuahuas?? Its like a little person on a boxing match with a normal size boxer. Not a good match. It just says, El Paso has no class at all.

What an embarrassment to El Paso. We are in America not Juarez. Wake up MountainStarSports Group. We DID not want a baseball field to begin with....we are stuck with it and then you label up with a jaskass name like that. Get a grip!

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