Testing Saves Government Billions

Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 12:36am

Khuribad is a village inhabited by Afghanis.
It's where soldiers train and evaluate valuable tools for navigation and communication.

"They're really just teaching us about the situations that would be going down overseas and how to prepare ourselves for that," said Private Matthew Troester.

Sometimes soldiers say this environment looks so much like Afghanistan, it's eerie.
But it's nearly 8,000 miles from Afghanistan.  Soldiers train at the ficticious village, near White Sands Missile Range.
Though in a mock environment, their mission is critical.
They're evaluating field equipment, a process that saves the $6 billion and countless lives.

Their reactions are tested in a battle situation, but they're also testing.  They're testing something called the Nettwarrior.

"If anyone's played any video games so basically anyone who has this will show up on the screen as a person,"  said 1LT Jasper Lo.

The Nett Warrior is like a GPS.
It tells you where you are, but it also tells you where your fellow soliders are.   But there are still dangerous problems with it.

"You have to find a well concealed location open this up take a look," said Lo.

That's why they're testing it in Khuribad.

"Ii think the biggest problem is you're taking off the shelf commercial products mostly designed for civilian use and really beating it up. bringing into a really sterile and rugged environment staying in the desert for three weeks at a time it'll really take a toll on this equipment," Lo said.soldiers when i'm much older and when one of my soldiers become senior nco's that they won't have the same problems that we have now "

an idea that's saving money and lives.


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