Teen driver hits two children riding bikes

Monday, April 21, 2014 - 12:07am

What was supposed to be a happy Easter celebration ended with a 10-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy in the hospital after being hit by what witnesses say was a speeding SUV in Anthony, NM.

News Channel 9 was the only crew on the scene when the accident happened around 7:30 Sunday night.

The crash happened at the intersection of Van Buren and Charles.

Witnesses tell us the two kids were riding bikes in the neighborhood when a 16-year-old driving an SUV hit them.

Johanna Lascano was having friends and family over at her home for Easter dinner.

Her friends' two children borrowed a bike from Lascano's kids.

They were riding around in the street when witnesses tell us a teen driving the SUV slammed into the kids.

Anthony Police and Dona Ana Sheriffs both responded.

The boy and girl were taken to the hospital.

Witnesses said the 12 year old was bleeding from the head and legs...and the girl may have broken a bone.

Lascano said she and the rest of the party had to stop the driver from leaving.

"He tried to run. He tried to run,” she said. “But me, my sister, and a few other people started going around the truck for him not to leave."

There is no word yet on the current condition of the boy and girl. We reached out to police, but they couldn’t comment.

It wasn't clear if the driver of the SUV was taken into custody. 


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