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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 11:59am

Super Bowl Sunday brings out super fans in El Paso

Monday, February 3, 2014 - 12:34am

Another Super Bowl is in the books and the Seattle Seahawks are the champions.
More than 100 million viewers are expected to have watched this year, including the super fans right here in El Paso.

Even though the Seahawks blew out the Broncos this year, before the game fans couldn't wait for kickoff.

Now the Cowboys might be El Paso’s most popular team, but that doesn't mean there weren’t any hardcore fans for the teams playing today.

"This is a huge day, not just a big day. A huge day," said Bronco fan Daniel Chavarria.

"Go hawks,” yelled Karen Avellaneva

Even though it was the Seattle Seahawks who came away with the big win today, fans from both teams celebrated the Super Bowl.

"Super Bowl Sunday, it doesn't come along for a lot of teams," said Seattle Seahawks fan club member Billy Murray.

The El Paso fan club for the Seahawks was watching the game from Wing House in East El Paso.

Members say watching the game with other fans brings out a special bond.

"We started our fan club earlier this year,” said Murray. “We started with seven members, we are already up to 40. It's awesome for all of us. It's more of a family thing."

And even though the broncos had a tough loss today, for their fan club here in El Paso, they said this season was a win for them.

"We've been preparing for this game since day one,” said president Rudy Rubio. “From day one, we've had our loyal fan base coming in. Cold weather, hot weather, snow or rain."

And the fan clubs went all out, with plenty of food and drinks for all the loyal fans.

Tortugas Sports Lounge in West El Paso is home to the bronco's fan club, the owner, Ron Patterson, said even though the Broncos lost, today was about having a good time.

“We've been here since 9 o'clock this morning getting everything ready for everybody,” said Patterson. “Make sure everything runs smooth and we have fun. That's the biggest thing; we want to have fun here."

But Seahawk fans are having the winning celebration tonight. The club is already looking forward to growing next season.

'No matter the outcome, we started something good here. We started a bigger family than we ever thought we would have," said Murray.

If you are interested in joining an El Paso NFL fan club, most teams have Facebook pages. The Broncos can be found by searching EPT Broncos. The Seahawks can be found by searching Sun City Seahawks. 


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