Students run the show at EPISD Superintendent Cabrera's townhall

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 12:23am

To say new EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera has been making his rounds, is an understatement.

"90 plus schools in a hundred days, is a great idea on paper but is turning out to be a bigger challenge than we anticipated," said Cabrera."I think it's one person at a time, one meeting at a time. Stand up in front of people, let them know you're serious about your job."

But necessary he says to try and get to know the community and to rebuild the trust broken by the previous superintendent, who is now serving time for his mastermind behind a district wide cheating scandal.

"Haven't had the best experience with superintendents so coming to this meeting was insightful to see the kind of person he was," said Coronado High student Analuz Torres.

Tuesday night, Coronado High School hosted Cabrera's 9th town hall meeting.

"Getting a sense of who Mr.Cabrera was as a person to kind of see how he will implement his beliefs into the system," said Torres.

Students came with questions and concerns.

"I personally dislike the standardized testing. I don't consider myself to be a learner who takes away from the standardized tests," said Torres.

"What he has in store for EPISD's future and how the background of EPISD's scandal and all that were not gonna happen again," said Coronado student Mike Thamer.

Cabrera said the students came prepared to advocate for what they want to see change.

"We are here to support the schools, so let's see what the schools are doing," said Cabrera.


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