Storm drains withstand heavy rainstorm

Friday, July 19, 2013 - 11:36pm

Officials from El Paso Water Utilities say their storm drains were put to the test during Thursday's heavy rains.
  They confirmed the drains worked as they should, proving that year round maintenance prepares the area for flash floods and sudden downpours.
     EPWU says there are fourteen other large multi-million dollar projects that have helped improve and mitigate flood risks to prevent flooding like the city saw in 2006.

"Crews even when its not raining are working on making sure that the existing channels and drains and ponds are free of trash so when we do get the rain, the storm water flows through it like it should, rather than we saw happen in 2006," said Christina Montoya with EPWU.

 Montoya says having a storm water utility is what makes a difference because there is a coninuous fund dedicated to infrastructure and maintenance.


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