State leaders discuss key issues in El Paso before Texas election.

Saturday, November 9, 2013 - 7:53pm

State elections are still one year away but several politicians and groups are already trying to address the challenges ahead. Two state senators visited El Paso to talk about the top issues that impact the borderland.

Voters will elect a new governor in Texas next year and as the election gets closer democrats and republicans are visiting the borderland to try to persuade local voters.

"Texas is a great state but we know that we can be better and we know that the current leadership doesn't think very much of the border," San Antonio area state Senator Leticia de Putte said.

Van de Putte and Houston area state Senator Silvia Garcia gathered with a group of El Pasoans to share their views about the borderland and what lies ahead in next year’s election.

Women's rights, Obamacare, immigration are all part of a debate between state democrats and republicans. Senator Silvia Garcia says it's time the state changes its politics.

"Candidates in the republican party have already embraced repealing the dream act in Texas we fought real hard to get that passed years ago so we got to fight those fights because again it affects the entire family," Garcia said.

But state republicans continue focused on fighting issues like Obamacare. Candidate for Governor Greg Abbott visited El Paso recently and rejected the president's health care law.

He’s joined by Senator Ted Cruz who claims the new law will damage the health care system by threatening job creation.

"it's taking a lot of people's health insurance and number two it's killing jobs I'm a big believer in health care reform I think we got to reform health care so that it's personal It's affordable we got to empower patients rather than government bureaucrats between you and your doctor," the Texas republican senator said.
Women's rights have also become a top issue in the state. Back in July the Texas legislature approved a strict anti-abortion law which led to political movements and protests.

"I understand what their sentiment is but they don't mind hurting hundreds of thousands of women just to get to their goal and so women have to stand up for this disrespect," Van de Putte said.
And while both sides agree, It will be up to the voters next year to determine what route Texas will take in the future.

State Senator Van de Puttee says she is considering running for lieutenant governor and will make the decision soon. The primary election in Texas will be held in March 2014.


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