South Central El Paso business owners assess Tuesday storm damage

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 6:53pm

South Central business owners are cleaning up shop Wednesdayas they deal with ongoing flooding they believe is caused by backed up drains.

Just 24 hours after heavy rains hit Paisano and El Paso Drive – the damage in the area was visible. Dirt on the roadway from runoff storm water.

The water is down but it's not completely out -- as South Central businesses shovel up and assess Tuesday's storm damage. "We're surrounded by a small disaster here,” John Carney, the Co-Owner of Carney Racing said.

"Frustrated, and because it's all wet. Look at the carpet,” Maria Garcia, Co-Owner of Coyote Cocktails told us. Both Carney and Garcia own businesses on Paisano and El Paso Drive. Garcia just opened up shop and didn't realize a foot of water could invade her pride and joy, "Everything is mess,” she explained to us.

The possible issue lies within the same instrument which is supposed to clear the area of storm water. "We got a real nice big drainage ditch right behind our shop here, right behind our building. But it overflows,” Carney explained.

The drainage system throughout this area backs up during a heavy rainfall. A fact, The El Paso County Water Improvement District attributes to illegal dumping. "Dispose of tires, couches, refrigerators,” Jesus Reyes, the GM of the Water Improvement District said, "Then these move down with the flow of water, move down into our culverts and plug up our culverts and that backs up the water."

Some believe the flooding could also be caused by recent TxDot construction. Although, the state agency has not confirmed if this is true.

Garcia and Carney want a more permanent fix.

"We don't have any insurance," Garcia said.

"I don't know. There's really not much I can do, just grin and bear it,” Carney told us.

Especially for Garcia, whose livelihood depends on it, "Yeah, I need to work because I need to pay all the taxes,” she said.

The storm destroyed some road work recently done around the spaghetti bowl forcing silt onto the roadway, TXDot confirmed Tuesday.

The City Of El Paso owns the drains in the area. The weather also caused damage to Loretto Road and Howze Street in Central El Paso forcing crews to shut them down for repairs. Both roads have been reopened.


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