Snow Day: El Pasoans enjoy record snowfall

Friday, January 4, 2013 - 9:23pm

The winter storm that blanketed the city in snow for two days is making its way out.

Although it created hazardous road conditions, and numerous delays for schools and businesses, many El Pasoans were happy for a snow day.

It was a day of fun for the young, and the young at heart, at Album Park in East El Paso.

"We're just trying to make snowballs and throwing snowballs at each other," said Sebastian Lopez.

On Thursday, the concern was slick, dangerous roads.

Kelly lives in East El Paso, but works in Canutillo.

"Yesterday, I did work, but I went out there in the morning to open my store and I had to leave by 2:00 p.m. in order to get back to the east side safe," said Kelly.

However, on Friday, Kelly said it was all about fun.

"Actually, we came out, my niece, my daughter and I, came out to make a snowman," said Kelly.

One group at the park had a little more in mind than just making a snowman.

"We came to the park, me and two friends, and we found this snowball, so we started making an idea to make it bigger and started rolling it," said Allan Mariscal.

Their goal was to make a snowball taller than the tallest member of their group.

"It's almost six feet. I'm five feet, 11 inches, he's six feet, one inch, so our goal is to pass six foot one inch" said Lopez.

It was also the dog days of winter for some El Paso pooches, who took a walk in the park.

Although the snow will soon melt away, for the people at the park today, it was fun while it lasted.

"I will be back at work tomorrow," said Kelly.


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