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Skilled Laborers in Need During Tough Economy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 2:43pm

Unemployment numbers may continue to be gloomy in our stagnant economy, but believe it or not,  there are thousands of companies that still can't find enough skilled workers. 

According to the electricians at the continuing education class at the El Paso Electricians Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, work as an electrician isn't hard to come by.

"People are always going to need electricity they're either gonna be building it doing maintenance on it or they're going to be fixing it," said Mike Waldo.

With a struggling economy, that's something instructor Rudolph Maio is proud of.
He's been training electricians for several years, he says this job is a perfect fit for people who are more mechanically inclined.

"We're in there to do a good job, Maio said.  "We're in there because we love to be electricians. We love to work with our hands ".

It's not just electricians who are needed, even during tough economic times, welders and sheet metal workers and other skilled workers are in demand across the country.


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