SISD pilot program to install cameras on school buses

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 1:59pm

The Socorro Independent School District is launching a new pilot program that could catch drivers who drive around the side of a school bus when the stop sign is down.

Cameras will be installed on ten school buses.  Seven cameras will be installed on the side near the stop sign, three cameras will be installed inside, and one on the back of the bus facing outward.

The cameras will capture images of the license plates of cars passing the stop sign.  Those photos will be monitored by Force Multiplier Solutions, which will then send the images to the school district.

SISD Superintendent Dr. Jose Espinoza said no citations will be issued during the 60-day pilot program, but that could change.

"If we move forward to installing these camera systems in all of our buses, then citations will be issued. The company will be working with the city to see what process they want to go about as far as issuing the citations," he said.

SISD will use the data from the pilot program to determine if they will install the cameras on all of their buses.  If so, Force Multiplier would then work with the City of El Paso and City of Socorro to determine the fine for the citation.

Force Multiplier is providing the pilot program at no cost. 

If SISD implements the program permanently, it would cost $9,000 for each of the 230 buses.


Reader Comments

Back on Tuesday, February 25, 2014, News 4 ran a story concerning Socorro ISD running a pilot program for their school buses. I live in the Socorro ISD district and quite honestly, I have not heard anything about form the district until I saw the story on your newscast. My question is, hopefully someone can answer it, the district hasn't been helpful, are they still running the pilot program and if so, who is the company behind it. I'm just a parent looking for answers. Thank you.


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