Seven babies found dead in Utah

Monday, April 14, 2014 - 11:40am

A Utah woman faces murder charges, after police found the remains of seven babies inside her former home, Andrew Spencer reports neighbors were very shocked by the news.

Over the course of ten years, police say Megan Huntsman gave birth to then killed at least six babies.

The remains were found inside a home in Pleasant Grove, Utah, a small city just north of Provo.

Huntsman moved out of the home in 2011; it belongs to the family of her estranged husband, Capt. Michael Roberts, Pleasant Grove Police, "Some of the family members of the residents were cleaning out the garage, came across a suspicious package. It had kind of a pungent odor."

That led to a full scale search, in which police found the remains of seven dead babies, a disturbing thought, especially for neighbors, Kathie Hawker, "She was always a good baby-sitter, because, she baby-sat my grandchildren when they were little."

Neighbor, "We had no idea, absolutely no idea what it could have been."

Some also found it odd that they didn't notice Huntsman had been pregnant, Aaron Hawker, "We always thought she looked skinny. We never saw any evidence of pregnancies."

The 39 year-old was booked into the Utah County jail.

Police say they searched her current home, but they didn't find anything noteworthy there.


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