San Eli city government candidates will file for office tomorrow

Sunday, February 2, 2014 - 7:15pm

San Elizario residents are getting ready to elect a new city government and several community members have already announced their candidacy.

Some residents and business owners are reacting to the latest announcements and the upcoming municipal election. Back in November voters decided it was time to incorporate as a city, business owners like Al Borrego said this opportunity is positive.

"I think it going to take a while for them to get everything done all the regulations set up and all that done but I think that they'll be looking out for us and definitely look out for all the businesses," Borrego said.

"It’s going to get better for the reason that it's going to get us a city, we're going to get along with everybody and it's going to get bigger," San Eli resident Francisco Castañeda said.

Voters will elect a mayor and council; they will be responsible for creating a new city charter and regulating local taxes.

"Probably our taxes will go up a little bit hopefully not too much but if it's for the betterment of the city it's something that we'll just have to work with." Borrego added.

Up until today the only candidate announcement made has been from members of the San Eli Incorporation Efforts Group.

Now mayoral candidate and former group leader Maya Sanchez said that if elected her top priority will be to constitute an efficient city structure.

"We have a lot of challenges but besides just progressing and making it a better place for all of our citizens we have to build the city so it's not just building upon what other administrations have done, we'll be the first should we get elected and one of the things I'm doing is actively is learning everything I can about the type of city we've become." Sanchez said.

San Eli residents say they hope the new government makes a difference in bringing more tourism and listening to its citizens.

"The tourism aspect of it you know we're doing a fairly ok job building that we might be able to speed that up now with the city." Borrego concluded.

Sanchez and 5 other city council candidates will file for election tomorrow at the county judge's office. The election will be held on May 10th.



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