Revitalization for areas outside city limits

Monday, February 10, 2014 - 8:41pm

El Paso County is partnering with the city of El Paso to revitalize small businesses.
County commissioners voted on Monday to enhance an economic development plan.
It included revisions to one project that would allow for small businesses to achieve economic growth.

The goal for this project is to enhance some of the historic areas outside the city limits and get economic projects moving forward in those areas.

Two local businesses were selected to be part of this project.

County commissioner Vince Perez said one of these small businesses is Meson De Onate, a restaurant located in the Socorro area and the other one is an art gallery in San Elizario.

“The community has been out there in their own for a long time making things happen and so I am glad to see there some efforts from the public side to help incentivize, you know create opportunities for businesses that want to expand and hopefully down the road we can create more job opportunities,” he said.

Perez said the art gallery will receive $12,000 on structural reimbursements, while the restaurant in Socorro was granted $5,000 to pay for radio commercials for about 5 months.

Perez also said this is a modest start but hopes this initiative expands quickly and creates more jobs in El Paso.

The approval of the revisions to the economic development plan also included changes for the mission trail area, which was granted a total of $93,000.


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