Report: Jail spending in El Paso County highest in Texas

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 12:08am

If you live in El Paso County, you may be paying more than all other Texans to house the county's criminals.

That's according to research conducted by County Commissioner Vince Perez. Perez says the county spends about 24 percent of its annual budget, about $71 million, to keep the jail running. He says el paso is paying 300 percent more for our jail system as a whole compared to most other counties in the state of Texas.

"We certainly shouldn't have the most expensive jail in Texas. What can we do to drive down those costs so hopefully this will help us plan better for the future with the goal of reducing costs for tax payers and getting a better value," said commissioner Vince Perez.

El Paso County Commissioners have given the green light to a feasibility study to look into jail spending as the county considers whether to fix or rebuild the downtown detention facility. On Tuesday Sheriff Richard Wiles will weigh in on the issue.


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