Psychiatrists Say Yara Perez Suffers From "Battered Wife Syndrome"

Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 11:50am

The third day of Yara Perez's trial began today with the continuation of one of the psychiatrists who evaluated Ms. Perez. Perez is the 30-year-old mother facing capital murder and injury to a child in the 2007 death of her daughter, Jacqueline Gonzalez.

The first psychiatrist says he believes the defendant is suffering from "Battered Wife Syndrome" based on his evaluations of her. The prosecution argued that Perez should have defended her child and questioned whether or not she really suffers from the syndrome.

The next person to take the stand was Dr. Arthur Ramirez, M.D., a psychiatrist who has seen Perez more than a dozen time since June 2008. He claims based on his examinations she also suffers from "Battered Wife Syndrome." He also deemed that she was clinically depressed and suffered from anxiety when she started seeing the doctor. Since that time, Ramirez explains, her depression has lessened and she is going through the grief period of losing her daughter.

He also stated that Ms. Perez was prescribed an anti-depressant called "Selexa" for her depression. The prosecutor in the case, Penny Hamilton, questioned whether or not Ms. Perez's actions were an effect of "Battered Wife Syndrome" or not. Hamilton also illustrated to the jury that the doctors only heard from Perez herself and no one else. The prosecutor showed Dr. Ramirez pictures of Jacqueline's autopsy then asked him if Perez's actions are indeed that of a woman who suffers from "Battered Wife Syndrome." He said in his opinion, yes.

The retrial continues Thursday afternoon.


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