Filipino Councilman Captures Killer's Image in Photo Seconds Before Murder

PHILIPPINES— A Filipino councilman left a haunting image after he was shot and killed. Reynaldo Dagsa, a local councilman, captured the image of his killer before he was shot and killed.

Former Bush Aide's Body Found in Delaware Landfill

Wilmington, DELAWARE— The body of a government official whom served in two Bush Administrations was found in a landfill early Monday morning.

Biden Says Gay Issues 'Evolving' in U.S.

WASHINGTON— The country is evolving on the issue of gay marriage, Vice President Joe Biden said Friday, and said it is “inevitable that there will be a national consensus.”

Two Embassies in Rome Bombed

ROME— An Italian anarchist group is claiming responsibility for two Embassy bombings that happened early Thursday afternoon, Italian news reports said.

Obama Signs 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

WASHINGTON— President Obama signed a “landmark” law Wednesday reversing the ban on gay men and women serving openly in the military.

Deal reached on aid package for 9/11 responders

WASHINGTON— The Senate has reached a deal to provide up to $4.2 billion in new aid to survivors and responders of the September 2001terrorism attack on the World Trade Center.

City Manager: More Officers Needed

EL PASO- City Manager Joyce Wilson told City Council this morning she thinks El Paso needs over 100 more officers to meet standards set by other cities.

Former Presidential Candidate Released After Seven Months in Captivity

MEXICO CITY— Seven months after being kidnapped, a former Mexican presidential candidate was freed Monday.

Campaign Trail Winding Down

EL PASO - Democratic State Representative Joe Moody and his Republican Challenger Dee Margo take it to the streets to earn the support of last-minute voters.

Tea Party Express

LAS CRUCES - Love 'em or hate 'em...the Tea Party Express is a force to be dealt with this election year. Today the Express made a pit stop in Las Cruces... home to an active tea party itself.

Susana Martinez Visits Las Cruces

LAS CRUCES - Gubernatorial Republican Candidate Susana Martinez visits Las Cruces to cast her ballot and speak before a small crowd gathered at Albert Johnson Park.

El Paso County Sex Scandal

EL PASO - We first told you over the weekend about the arrest of Ethics Commission Chairman and former EPISD teacher David Chavez.

Up in the Air

EL PASO - A new federal law could leave regional airlines grounded... and potentially send the cost of flying to soaring heights.

El Paso Mayor Speaks Out on National Attention

EL PASO, TX - America now knows the second safest city in the nation is on the frontline of violence from one of the deadliest city's in the world.

Anthony, NM Holds Forum For First-Ever Elections

Anthony, NM - A forum was held in Anthony, NM as the future town gets ready to hold its first-ever elections. The meeting was a chance for the community to get to know candidates running for office.