Police Officers Linked to Murder of Mexican Political Leader's Son

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 8:40am

Mexican authorities arrested three suspects, including two police officers, that are linked to the murder of the son of a former leader of a Mexican political party.

Mexican Federal Police presented police officers Victor Landeros, a.k.a "La Iguana," and Jorge Tenoria a.k.a "El Taka," along with Roberto Clemente Barcenas.

The suspects are accused of delivering Jose Eduardo Moreiro, 28, the son of Humberto Moreiro, the former chair of the PRI party, to Zetas drug cartel members.

Jose Eduardo Moreiro was later found shot to death in a border town.

The murder of Moreira's son rocked Mexico's political establishment.

The President-Elect of Mexico is from the PRI party and he called the killing an irreparable loss and said the murder will not go unpunished.


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