Pit bull saves boy from house fire

CNN; WISH; Indiana Fire Dept.
Thursday, July 17, 2014 - 11:13am

A pit bull is being called a hero for saving a deaf and sleeping teen.

"He's always been good with people that comes over; he's never been really aggressive."

Two and a half year-old Ace is getting a lot of attention.

"He's just like one of the family members basically."

Wednesday afternoon, the Bernard family's pit bull became an instant hero.

"He is; he saved my life."

13-year-old Nick Lamb, who is legally deaf, was sleeping without his cochlear implants inside his home.

"He woke me up because I couldn't hear anything and I was asleep and I looked around my room and I smelled smoke and I could see a little bit of smoke in my room."

"He had to get up on him in his face and stuff. He's a hero."

IFD took pictures of the fire when they arrived. You can see how quickly the flames took over the home.

"There was a bunch of loud popping noises and everything else, but the dog obviously knew something wrong and he went and woke him up."

Lamb was in his bedroom on the second floor.

He says when Ace woke him up, he quickly grabbed one of his two cochlear implants and they escaped.

"I took a breath and I went downstairs with Ace and the whole house was covered in smoke and a little bit of fire."

This is what's left of the home.

The Bernard family says they have so much more to be thankful for.

"I would have never seen this from him. I didn't see this coming."

Most of all, they are thankful for Ace.

"I love him a lot more now."

Investigators think the fire may have started in the garage and estimate the damage at $175,000. IFD's victim's assistance is helping the Bernard's find shelter. 


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