Pentagon considers cutting 'danger pay' for servicemen

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Friday, July 12, 2013 - 12:48am

Some US servicemen overseas may be soon be making less money.

The Pentagon is considering cutting "danger pay" for soldiers stationed in as many as 18 countries and 5 waterways around the world.

Countries like Bahrain, Jordan, and Kuwait could be dropped from the list of "dangerous countries."

"Danger pay" for soldiers is about $225 dollars a month -- that's in addition to their base pay.

Soldieres would lose the extra 'danger pay' money, should the Pentagon decide to reduce the number of "dangerous countries" -- effectively saving the government about $120 million dollars a year.

"That's I think the heart of the argument. What places are dangerous, what places are stable, and where soldiers are deployed, and where they should be receiving danger pay," said Fort Bliss spokesperson, Major Joe Buccino.

According to Fort Bliss, some 600 troops from El Paso are stationed in countries being considered dropped from the "danger" list.

But according to Bliss, troops from El Paso would not be impacted by the cuts because it would take a very long time for them to go into effect, if the Pentagon's proposal was even approved, and those troops may no longer be stationed in those countries. 


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