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Park Ridge hosts family field day and answers development questions

Saturday, August 10, 2013 - 7:59pm

The Park Ridge Community held a family friendly event at Apodaca Park Saturday to give parents and the community the opportunity to ask questions on the proposed development of the vacant Las Cruces Country Club.

Park Ridge would like to transform the country club into a new hospital, a retail center and park area.

"The big thing everybody wants to know is what are going to be some of the new amenities at the park," said Bob Pofahl, a partner of the Park Ridge Development Project.

The development team would start by building a 42-bed hospital that would be the anchor for the new community.

They would also build a retirement center with independent living villas.

To move forward with the plan, city council would have to change zoning on the 110 acre property that would eventually feature walking trails, plenty of green space and even dining options.

Through discussions on the project, some have raised concerns about an access road that would cross through the park.

"It only impacts about 2000 feet of the actual park," Pofhal said.

The area that would be impacted is already paved.

As a part of the project, Park Ridge would give the city more than seven acres and pay park fees to add new amenities.

The proposed zoning changes go before council Aug. 19th there will be a public hearing so anybody who would like to speak on the issue will be able to do so at that meeting.


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I'm excited for this area to finally be used for something good and for the public.

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