Parents rally to support principals on leave

Monday, April 1, 2013 - 10:30pm

Their message was 'Reinstate all 8'.

Parents want all 8 EPISD principals and vice principal,s who were placed on leave last week to immediately be reinstated.
They're giving two main reasons for their anger. Parents say because there are no administrators at their children's schools, that immediate harm is being done to their children.

Also, they're saying that there was no fairness in the process.
Some of the principals allegedly weren't notified by the board that they were being removed, an action they say is unfair.

"This is a spontaneous eruption of outrage," said organizer and parent Charles Horak.

The parents plan to meet, speak and make statements against the board's decision at Tuesday's EPISD meeting.  Parents were encouraged to check their students out of school early to attend the meeting.



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