Parents protest EPISD at Lamar Elementary

Friday, February 8, 2013 - 11:50am

Parents protested together in front of Lamar Elementary school on Friday in the hopes that school administrators will hear their pleas.

"Not to overlook the elementary because there is a lot of kids that have special needs and need the help," Michelle Soto, a parent who claims her son's needs were overlooked by Lamar educators.

Veronica Estrada claims her son was abused by a school monitor.

"The actual grabbing of him, the yelling, that she yelled at him to get up. The fear, the fear that he continuously has everyday," Veronica Estrada says.

She's not the only parent to make these claims. In a letter, Christine Rodriguez says her son was also mishandled by the same employee.

In a letter she says, "my son complained to me that the monitor pulled him." she goes on to write "The concern I had wasn't if it hurt him, it's that no staff should lay hands on any student."

We reached out to EPISD and they tell us 'administrators and the El Paso Police Department looked into these claims' which were made in October,' and discovered that they were unfounded.'

Estrada says the district's investigation was not thorough.

"Ever since then they have not reopened it, they have not made any other effort other than what they say what goes and they do not believe the child," she tells us.

She also says it's getting worse for her son.

"He's already going through counseling. He's already been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder," Estrada exclaims, tearfully.

Estrada now stands with fellow parents asking for a better educational experience for not only her son, but all children in the district.

"If they're not willing to change, things are not going to get any better for the parents in this school district or the teachers, or anybody here," she says.


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