Officer shoots firefighter in fight caught on camera

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 1:33pm

Newly released video shows the moments before an off-duty Kansas City police officer shot and killed a firefighter. The officer has been cleared of charges, now a witness, who tried saving Anthony Bruno's life, is speaking out about what she saw.

Ashely Janzen and a friend were headed home from a downtown bar December 1st when they saw Bruno and police officer Don Hubbard struggling on the sidewalk.

Janzen says that's when her friend took out a cell phone and started recording.

Haley Harrison picks it up from there, watching this, Janzen didn't know moments later many lives would change and one would be lost.

It all started minutes earlier outside the downtown Marriott, where Anthony Bruno and his bride got into an argument with a cab driver.

Reports say Bruno got violent and ran when an off-duty Kansas City officer, Don Hubbard, arrived.

Ashley Janzen, "At the beginning of the situation, we were thinking, cop just calm down, this doesn't need to be getting out of hand."

Don Hubbard, an off duty Kansas City officer struggles to arrest Anthony Bruno.

According to a newly released statement, Hubbard says at one point, Bruno tells him, "You shouldn't have hit me."

Ashley Janzen, "The tables kind of turned when he started to fight back and you just can't do that."

"Hey don't fight the cop!"

Video shows as Bruno pins Hubbard to the concrete repeatedly hitting him.

Hubbard says quote, "He continued to strike me and I started to lose consciousness and I believed the suspect was not going to stop hitting me until he killed me."

Then, Hubbard shot Bruno twice.

Witness, "Hey, hey you need to come back from here, no no no ... this."

Ashley Janzen, "Heard the gunshots and nurse mode kicks in, and all you want to do is save somebody's life and you just go."

Janzen, a critical care nurse, started CPR, "I think he was trying to say something at the very beginning."

She told police Bruno pleaded, "Don't let me die."

Ashley Janzen, "If he would have accepted being detained, none of this would have happened."

Bruno's widow, Stephanie, tells police she and Bruno had been drinking at their wedding reception, but she believes her husband ran from Hubbard to "Cool off" from the disagreement with the cabbie.

Earlier this month, a grand jury cleared Hubbard of charges in the case.


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