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Not All Elected Officials Volunteer for Furlough Days

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 - 6:58pm

EL PASO COUNTY, TX - County employees are required to take two days off without pay to help the county budget, but less than half of the county's elected officials have agreed to face the same hardship.

A list of 28 elected officials who have agreed to take the unpaid days off is posted on the county's website. It includes the County Judge, all the Commisioners, the Sheriff and several Constables.

Several Justices of the Peace, District Court Judges and about 11 other elected officials are missing from the list. However, only a small portion of a District Court Judge's salary come from the county.

The first furlough day will be this Friday.

We left messages for several elected officials who are missing from the list, however our calls have yet to be returned.

To see the list for yourself, CLICK HERE.


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