NM inmate caught in alleged heroin smuggling attempt

DAC Detention Center
Friday, March 21, 2014 - 4:50pm

An inmate at the Dona Ana Detention Center is facing criminal charges of possession of a narcotic after jail personnel foiled his plan to bring heroin into the detention facility on Thursday.

Anthony Ghalayni, 33, who is serving a sentence for an aggravated DWI conviction, was returning to the jail Thursday after work, as prescribed by the work-release sentence imposed for an aggravated DWI conviction when jail personnel conducted observations on Ghalayni's cell based on suspicions that he might attempt to smuggle contraband into the facility.

While watching Ghalayni in his cell, Ghalayni allegedly allegedly removed a pliable, long, black casing from his rectum, which he then cleaned and placed in a plastic box commonly used to keep soap dry. He then hid the soap box under his mattress.

Officers who observed Ghalayni alerted his colleagues, who entered the cell block and searched Ghalayni's cell.

During questioning, Ghalayni denied knowing anything about the soap box or what was in it, but he allegedly later confessed when the officer who observed Ghalayni's actions detailed what he saw.

Ghalayni now faces criminal charges of possession of a narcotic. He also faces disciplinary action for possession of tobacco and possession of a lighter inside the detention facility, making a false statement to officers, violating detention-center rules and violating his work-release conditions.

Doña Ana County Detention Center Director Chris Barela said he was proud of his staff for the way the operation was handled.

“We have developed a series of policies and procedures designed to intercept contraband coming into this facility, and the Ghalayni case demonstrates that our staff is fully capable of executing those procedures in a way that is both nonconfrontational and effective,” Barela said. “Mr. Ghalayni’s experience should be a warning call to others who think smuggling contraband into our facility is either easy or undetectable.”


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