New unemployment numbers has people optimistic for future

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Sunday, April 20, 2014 - 12:03am

For the first time in nearly six years, El Paso's unemployment rate is below the national average.

El Paso's rate fell to 6.7% in March, that's just below the national rate of 6.8%.

This is the first time El Paso's unemployment rate has dipped below 7% since December of 2008.

The job market is broken up into 10 sectors, 5 of those sectors added jobs.

"Trade, transportation and utilities was the big winner in the month of March, adding 700 jobs," said Teo Ugalde with Workforce Solutions.

Mining, logging and construction, education and health services, leisure and hospitality, and other services all increased in jobs as well.

Government, professional and business services, and manufacturing sectors saw a decrease in jobs.

Lastly, information and financial activities sectors saw no change.

These new statistics for the March are giving job lookers something to look forward to.

“It gives us hope to stay in El Paso,” said Paola Hernandez, soon to be UTEP graduate. “To make more jobs in El Paso, I think that is something very important to have a job, but also to create more jobs for more El Pasoans.

Hernandez said even with her degree, she worries about getting a job here in El Paso.

"Before it was a for sure deal. If you graduated, you had a job waiting for you or it was just months before you got one. Now there is no guarantee,” she said.

New residents of El Paso said compared to elsewhere, the city is doing much better than other's across the country.

“The potential that El Paso has versus the Midwest or for example Detroit or Cleveland is great, said Kory Martinez. “I know the unemployment is higher there. You can see it.”

If the unemployment rate continues to drop, it means good news for El Paso.

"Hopefully the trends will continue like this because what we want to experience here in El Paso is to have lower unemployment rates,” said Ugalde. “That makes more affordable the living conditions of the individuals here in the region."

Even though the rate did drop, it is still much higher than the Texas unemployment rate which is at 5.3%. 


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