New report: Dental health among elderly, not good

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Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 10:18am

There is an alarming new study about the dental health of our seniors. The title of the study by "Oral Health America" really does say it all it should be more like "State of Decay."

The goal of the study was to highlight the health of our seniors' teeth and it shined a light on some scary shortcomings in specific areas across the nation.

Each state was judged on certain criteria which gave a score on how healthy seniors teeth are. The criteria included the seniors' access to dental coverage, the loss of permanent teeth among residents, the amount of dental health care professionals available, and community water fluoridation which is the fluoride levels in each state's water system which helps oral health.

Minnesota was in the top spot as a model state for dental care for seniors. Maryland was second best. The losers? Mississippi took the bottom spot. Alabama and Tennessee both came in tied for the second worst. Just under half of the states, 17 states in all, received a poor grade.


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