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Saturday, April 19, 2014 - 5:47pm

Fab Lab El Paso is the only store of its kind in west Texas. Located at 806 Montana Avenue, this non-profit educational service organization provides a creative outlet for the community. They have six machines, including a 3-D printer, laser cutter. 

Cathy Chen and Gustavo Arriaga got their inspiration for fab lab while living in Tokyo. They had been exposed to similar concepts before, but wanted a place that was more inviting to the average person.

“The big thing is to be empowered so that they can get their creative juices flowing and that’s the kind of person that we want to target at the Fab Lab. That person exists inside of everyone,” Chen said.
The creative characteristic is often hidden away inside and Fab Lab hopes to bring it out.

“Previous generations kind of prided themselves on the ability to make things for themselves do things for themselves and I think that’s sort of a skill set that’s been lost along the way,” Arriaga said.

While this kind of technology was a part of a very specialized field in the past, it has become more mainstream in the past five to ten years.

“This kind of technology has been locked up behind pay walls, in terms of having to have a lot of money to have access to the technology, or patents,” Arriaga said.

Now anyone can take the designs in their minds and make them into reality. Fab Lab is also represents a larger culture of sharing information and knowledge on a global platform. They have a network of about 200 other labs throughout the world.

“The idea of having this global network is that you design globally and fabricate locally,” Arriaga said.

Unlimited access to the machines costs $75 per month. Weekend Workshop passes can be purchased for $35, and Hourly Rental varies from $10-$15.

For more information about Fab Lab El Paso, visit their website.




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