New Mexico Democrats continue push for minimum wage increase

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 7:25pm

New Mexico Senate Democrats said Tuesday the feel confident voters would approve a minimum wage increase if lawmakers can pass a proposed state constitutional amendment bill.

Senate Joint Resolution 13 would raise minimum wage to about $8.30 an hour based on the consumer price index dating back to 2009.

"If they do raise the minimum wage I think people would have a chance," said Las Cruces resident Moses Jasso.

The proposal would then see a yearly increase to match cost of living tied to the consumer price index.

If passed by state lawmakers, the constitutional amendment would be put on the ballot for voters to decide during the November elections.

"I would vote yes and I think a lot of people would too," said Keelin Hindi.

Hindi, a graduate from New Mexico State University with degrees in linguistics and Spanish said others are also likely vote in favor of the increase with good jobs being so hard to find.

Even with a college education Hindi is works as a server and doesn't make minimum wage.

Instead she makes her money on tips and sometimes it's hard to know how much money she will take home.

"Here I am working a job that I could have worked before I even had a degree," she said.

An attempt at raising the minimum wage last year was vetoed by Governor Martinez.

This current proposal would not require the governor's signature as it would be approved by voters in November.



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